Dr. Judy S. Mannings
Education Consultant

     Dr. Judy S. Mannings is a dedicated, motivated, and highly committed individual with a desire to provide quality results in areas related to management and leadership with an emphasis in the field of business education. Earning a BS degree in Business served as a catalyst to ignite her climb to managerial positions in government service consisting of positions as Retail Specialist, National Account Manager, Marketing Specialist, and Manager, Marketing. In these positions she created strategic alliances with organizational leaders resulting in positive results. This consisted of aligning with and supporting key business initiatives, building and retaining high performance teams by hiring, developing, and motivating skilled professionals.

     Judy’s drive continued while pursuing her MBA and Doctorate (DM). Upon completion of her doctorate and retirement from government services, she embarked upon another career in her first love. This included, sharing her knowledge, skills, and abilities in a classroom setting. As an adjunct professor with two universities she uses her effective communication skills, interpersonal skills, assessment knowledge, and service to others in making a difference in expanding and enhancing the learning and leadership experiences of others. She has experience in ensuring that curriculum is up to date and effective delivery methods are employed to reach maximum benefits to all students.

     She is actively involved in numerous community services projects, a Competent Toastmasters, and serves on AARP State Executive Committee. Judy interacts effectively and professionally with staff, faculty, students and other professional organizations.